Isaiah 40:29-31
London Garment Manufacturing, LLC introduces the London Fall Protection Garment System, the new gold standard in fall safety equipment.

How does your fall protection compare?

The London Fall Protection Garment System:
• Reduces the restriction of the femoral artery after a fall
• Reduces fall force and saves lives
• Reduces suspension trauma after a fall
• Reduces lightning attraction or electric arcing
• Reduces user error
• Is easy to put on
• Is light-weight and comfortable
• Is machine washable
• Weighs 40% less than most market options
• Allows for continuous use without sacrificing safety
• Can be created with fire-retardant materials
• Can be used as a safety vest with optional reflective material
• Is 99% metal free with only 1% metal in the zipper clasp
      (Traditional six-way harnesses have metal on the buckles and D-rings
       that can increase the risk of getting shocked or electrocuted.)

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Suspension Trauma: Will Your Fall Protection Kill You?
OSHA has stated that within only 30 minutes of a fall, Suspension Trauma can cause death!
Click here to learn more.
The video below is from a recent 8ft drop test of the London Fall Protection Garment System done on March 4, 2019. You can see how the fall force is greatly reduced.
Doug Corum is shown here discussing the advantages of the London Fall Protection Garment System at the recent Frame Building Expo in Louisville, KY.

(Photo compliments of Sharon Thatcher,
Rural Builder Magazine
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