London Fall Protection
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• Reduces restriction to the femoral arteries
• Reduces fall force to an average of 556.5 lbs.
• Reduces suspension trauma
• Increases time for rescue
• Reduces lightning attraction or electric arcing
• Reduces user error
• As easy to put on as donning a jumpsuit
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Body-cooling material and design
• Sized-to-fit with no adjustments needed
• Total sytem weight is approx. 3.5 lbs
• Weighs 40% less than most market options
• Machine washable
• Allows for continuous use without sacrificing safety
• Fire retardant
• Available in fireproof Nomex®
• Available in mosquito and tick repellent (Unlike the strap-style harness,
       our garment has enough surface to support these repellents.)
• Can be used as a Class 2 & 3 safety vest with optional reflective
• Locking zipper slider and BASALT buckle ensure garment
       stays put with no adjustments      
• 99% metal-free with only 1% metal in the zipper clasp
      (Traditional six-way harnesses have metal on the buckles
       and D-rings that can increase the risk of getting shocked
       or electrocuted.)
• Break-through technology: the inner-and-outer-core lanyard
       helps absorb impact (because the two cores are joined)

Comprised of interlocking, double-knitted straps with an outer cover to slow down the fall. Aluminum self-locking hooks are currently available. Non-conductive composite safety hooks are lightweight and reduce the risk of lightning attraction or electric arcing and will be available soon. The lanyard also weighs less than 1.85 lbs.
The 5000 lb tensile strength tie-off point located on the backside contains no metal components. Without a metal D-ring, the garment is comfortable enough to be worn while sitting in a seat.

The location of the tie-off point lower on the back allows for the angle of hang, reducing the risk of suspension trauma. This combination allows users to move their legs, thus reducing pressure on the femoral artery.

If a fall occurs, the Out-of-Service Indicator is released, showing the garment is unsafe for further use and should be taken out of service.
London Fall Protection Garment System

The London Fall Protection Garment System weighs less than 3 lbs and consists of the London Fall Protection Garment and the London Fall Protection Strong Arm Lanyard with hooks. This new standard in fall protection is comfortable to wear, easy to put on and reduces restriction to the legs and femoral arteries.

Our standard colors are shown below. Sizes based on height and girth (measure along the midsection or widest part of body, see image below). Customized colors and custom sizes are available. Please contact us for special orders.
Standard colors are shown above - Custom colors are available for special order. Reflective trim is also available on special orders that can be visible up to 55 mph.
Please note that due to the differences in monitor and screen color settings the actual color of the garments may vary slightly from the colors above.
The London Fall Protection Garment System is the future of fall protection. Our system proves to be safer than conventional fall protection systems, more comfortable and meets or exceeds safety standards.
The angle of hang reduces restriction to the femoral arteries and absorbs more fall force due to the design of the London Fall Protection Garment System.

How London Fall Protection Saves Lives

Here’s how the London Fall Protection Garment System helps deal with the issues:

Suspension trauma is caused when the worker hangs vertically and the femoral arteries are restricted. Blood flow is reduced significantly and worker can lose consciousness.
Suspension Trauma: Will Your Fall Protection Kill You?
OSHA has stated that within only 30 minutes of a fall, Suspension Trauma can cause death!
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Suspension Trauma: Will Your Conventional Fall Protection Kill You?
OSHA has stated that within only 30 minutes of a fall,
Suspension Trauma can take your life.

The London Fall Protection System is designed to help SAVE YOUR LIFE!