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“With the London Fall Protection fall-arrest garment system, nobody has to help you do anything. You get in it yourself, you go, and get out of it yourself, no problem. It probably takes a fourth of the time to put this on as it does a six-way harness. With the six-way, somebody’s got to help you get in them. You’ve got to reach around and grab the straps, bring them and hook them in.

You don’t have any steel rings to catch on anything, and once you get the garment in a boiler, it’s not uncomfortable - it doesn’t cut in to you. I’ve worn this one (in photo) probably close to 100 times. I’ve worn it in places with chemicals and chemical residue and they don’t damage the garment. Everything still works fine on it. There are not a lot of abrasions on the garment. Inside chemical tanks, there is a lot of deterioration that’s very abrasive, like sand. I kept an eye on it while wearing it, looking for tears, looking for bad places in it - never saw anything.

As a welder, I’ve been in really fiery situations from arcairs which emit tremendous sparks, heat and smoke. These working conditions haven’t bothered the garment at all. Yes sir, I’d buy it again. Best thing as far as a safety harness I’ve ever had on and it works really well, really well.”

- Jon Thompson, Thompson Welding Company, Stoneville, NC
  January 19, 2019

(Note, after Mr. Thompson wore the fall-protection garment shown in the photo for over a year (about 100 times), we drop-tested this garment and there still were no failures. -London Garment Mfg., LLC, Feb. 2019)
The new London Fall Protection body garment will be a great addition to our employee safety program needs associated with fall protection and confined space entries. Many of our entries are of a vertical nature, in close quarters and the design of the harness works well with our ladder and retrieval systems we utilize. The ease of donning and the comfortable fit are also benefits that make using this important piece of personal protective equipment a valuable asset to our employees personal safety…which is always “Job #1”.

Tim Byrd, Safety Manager
Henry County Public Service Authority
March, 2019
Some of the Henry County safety personnel are shown here testing out one of their new London Fall Protection Garment Systems.
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Suspension Trauma: Will Your Conventional Fall Protection Kill You?
OSHA has stated that within only 30 minutes of a fall,
Suspension Trauma can take your life.

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