Suspension Trauma
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      Do you know why Harness Hang Syndrome, also known as Suspension Trauma, can kill you? If you suffered a fall in a typical harness, did you know that you may not survive hanging upright and motionless for more than 15-20 minutes? Have you considered what would happen after a fall when the straps around your legs restrict the blood flow to your lower body so badly that you pass out? And that’s just the beginning!
      It’s true: the harness that’s supposed to save your life may, in less time than it takes to go to lunch, kill you! Granted, a harness is vital in preventing you from hitting the ground, but what if you hang for 15-20 minutes? And think about this: are your fellow workers skilled at rescue? How quickly does twenty minutes pass? Do you know what happens inside the dangling body post-fall?

Let’s examine the post-fall facts:
        1. The legs are bound in the straps of the harness, and as the minutes pass, blood flow becomes restricted
               due to the femoral arteries located on the inside of both legs becoming increasingly crushed.
        2. Oxygen-deprived blood begins to pool in the legs.
        3. The heart and lungs become incapable of recirculating oxygen-filled blood to the legs.
        4. The heart begins to work harder to supply the brain with blood. All vital organs become oxygen-starved.
        5. Blood sugar in the oxygen-deprived cells breaks down into ever-increasing lactic acid. (By the way,
               if the worker survives the fall and is rescued, improper assistance to the victim may cause the
               acid-filled blood to flood the body, overworking the kidneys, liver, and heart).
        6. The lack of adequate blood circulation/oxygen in the cells of the lower legs quickly results in nausea,
               shortness of breath, dizziness, and numbness.
        7. Heart rate and blood pressure drop.
        8. Fainting results, leading to a lack of oxygen to the brain. Heart failure follows.

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Suspension Trauma: Will Your Conventional Fall Protection Kill You?
OSHA has stated that within only 30 minutes of a fall,
Suspension Trauma can take your life.

The London Fall Protection System is designed to help SAVE YOUR LIFE!